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Swami Omkarananda


Swami Omkarananda - His Philosophy

Omkarananda Saraswati is an embodiment of highest spirituality, in the all-comprehensive sense of the word. He is a Sage who has reached the experience of the ultimate and all-embracing Truth and is living out of It. Out of It he draws the Wisdom, the Purity and the Radiance of this life; in It he finds the Peace of his being, and the Strength for his untiring service. He is essentially a flame of the spirit of renunciation, with no personal wishes, no desires, no plans, no programs, no aims, totally depending on the Truth, and literally breathing and moving in It. He is first and last a Lover of the Lord, who lives only for the Divine, who works hard in order the Light of the Lord may spread.

He is a man of multiple and permanent God-experience. His constant experience of God as the absolute Reason-Knowledge-Consciousness is the foundation of his philosophy. His idea and experience of God as absolute Beauty is the basis for his aesthetic theories and his art. His ethics are rooted in his knowledge of God as absolute Goodness, absolute Truth, absolute Love. His philanthropy rises from his experience of God as Love, and God as resident in all beings. His services flow from the fact of his life that all humanity is his family. All his works are flowings of divine Grace for the welfare of mankind.

His words constitute great literature. His Love rules the hearts of man. His Wisdom guides the footsteps of mankind towards Peace and Joy, Light and Illumination.

His Life's Philosophy of Selfless Action emerges from His Experience of the Divine Reality as Unconditioned and infinite Love.

Omkarananda Saraswati has been encouraging the conducting of research into the causes of human unhappiness and suffering. The highest form of philanthropy and humanitarianism we see in him. In his smallest auto-biography in the world, written within minutes, he says:

"There is no greater poverty or human disability than the human ignorance; and, therefore, the best way to do the best of philanthropic and humanitarian services is to illuminate the minds and enlighten the hearts of the people. Make them lights unto themselves, and they shall not only be happy, but make others happy, not only be rich, but enrich others, not only give, but give more and more abundantly."

Knowledge of the Divine expresses itself in the hundreds of ways of presenting the ultimate Truth to every kind of man, to everyone, in every stage of evolution, in every culture, nation, race and religion.
Omkarananda Saraswati is a universal individual, a genius; and his spirituality is modern and integral, and therefore transcends all religions; with the result that he is the Christian of the Christians, the Hindu of the Hindus, and is capable of leading everyone to tremendous inner spiritual development, through whatever faith a person belongs to, no matter what his temperament is. He is capable of leading everyone to happiness, knowledge, inner wealth, selflessness, inner spiritual development, illumination and enlightenment, because his experience of the one God, the one Truth, has made him one with all mankind:

"When I look at myself, I am not there. There is everything. Everything is One; and One is everything. There is an experience of the multiplicity in the One; and the experience of the One in the multiplicity. I am myself the Germans, the Italians, the Russians, the Negroes, the Indians, the Tibetans, the Chinese, the Americans. I am the women. I am the children. I am the trees. I am the stones. When I meditate, everything meditates with me. When I meditate, the Heart of the whole of Nature is meditating with me. When I meditate, all the Angels of God, all the immortal Mystics are meditating with me. When I meditate, the whole inner Being and Soul of mankind is meditating with me."

"The welfare of all humanity is my welfare. The happiness of the trees is my happiness. The peace of the birds is my peace. The prosperity of the world is my prosperity. Everything belongs to me. I live and labour for everything. I meditate for everyone. I meditate through all. All are dear to me. Every minute, thousands of packets of Love, thousands of gifts flow from my Consciousness to all beings."

"Mankind is mine. All Nature is mine. And mine is all the world. I have won them in indestructible and all-triumphant Love, in pervasive and self-maintaining Peace, in services and sacrifices and, above all, in a total dissolution of the little self, in the total triumph of That in me which is the Image of God. I have inherited them in my oneness with That in them, which is the same as That which is in me."



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