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Paramahamsa Omkarananda Saraswati


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Omkarananda Jayanti Celebration,
on 25th December 2019

The Omkarananda Mahotsava 2019 started in the early morning of 25th December 2019,
on the auspicious Omkarananda Jayanti, which is the Appearance Day on Earth of the Born Sage, Mystic, Genius, Philosopher and Writer, Shri Paramahamsa Omkarananda Saraswati.
A wonderful Sundarkand Path was conducted by Pandits in the Headquarters of
Omkarananda Ashram Himalayas, right in front of the Omkarananda-Hanuman Mandir.
On this photo one can see Chief-Priest Suresh Panditji, performing Karpura Arati
for Shri Omkarananda-Hanuman, assisted by Mukesh Panditji.

At the conclusion of Sundarkand Path, Ashram Devotees and Students of
the Gurukul, Omkarananda Gayatri Ved Vidyalaya, are taking part in
the final Arati for Shri Omkarananda-Hanuman.

Before the cultural programme in Honour of Paramahamsa Omkarananda Saraswati
commenced, all were treated to a tasty, hot tomato soup. Because of severely
cold weather, it was very much in demand.

A very divine cultural programme took place in the small Auditorium,
Omkarananda Vidya Bhawan, which started with lighting of Deepas in front of
Gurudev Paramahamsa Omkarananda Saraswati.

Some students of Omkarananda Gayatri Ved Vidyalaya
skilfully recited the Bhagya-Sooktam for the welfare of all.

Mahant Shri Swami Vishveshwarananda, President Omkarananda Ashram Himalayas,
praised the students of the Ashram's Gurukul, for their exemplary,
disciplined and divine life style.

Guru-Bhakti-Ratna Kumari Somashekhari offers flowers to her
adorable Sadgurudev, Shri Paramahamsa Omkarananda Saraswati,
before starting her dance-performances.

Kumari Somashekhari considered herself lucky, that she got the opportunity to perform
in Honour of her Sadgurudev, Shri Paramahamsa Omkarananda Saraswati,
a rare Bharatanatyam Temple-Dance item to an ancient Tamil-Song "Thiruvannaamalai"
(from Thevaaram) by the great South Indian Boy-Mystic and divine Poet and Singer,
Shri Thirugnana Sambandar, in which the wondrous Being of Lord Shiva as
"Annaamalaiyar" is glorified. The performance was a Master-Piece of
research, choreography and action.

The popular Singer of Garhwal Himalayan Folk-Songs, Shri Ramesh Uniyal,
presented a very beautiful devotional song, glorifying Paramahamsa Omkarananda Saraswati.

View of a part of the audience, consisting of Ashramites and
distinguished Guests, listening to the devotional song.

Shri D. K. Varshney, a very noble Senior Educationist of Rishikesh, who is very
closely associated with Omkarananda Ashram Himalayas since more than 30 years,
expresses his honest and deepfelt Adorations and Admiration for Gurudev,
Shri Paramahamsa Omkarananda Saraswati and His selfless immense Contribution
to Education, Culture and Spirituality through the medium of His faithful
Sannyasi-Disciples, Shri Swami Vishveshwarananda Saraswati,
Shri Swami Satchidananda Saraswati and Kumari Somashekhari,
in the area of Garhwal Himalayas, Uttarakhand.

Somashekhari in the pose of Lord Shiva Nataraja.

After having honoured one of the top most Educationists of India, the famous
Prof. Dr. J.L. Gupta (former Principal Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University,
and former Vice-Chancellor, Chhattisgarh University, Raipur), standing next to Swamiji,
Shri Swami Vishveshwarananda Saraswati, President Omkarananda Ashram Himalayas,
touched the hearts of all by his divine and inspiring speech.

Shri Swami Vishveshwaranandaji offered a token of appreciation to Senior
Educationist, Shri D.K. Varshney, who always faithfully stood up in support for
Omkarananda Ashram Himalayas and its Educational Institutions.

Another great Senior Educationist of Rishikesh, Shri I. D. Joshi,
is honoured by Swamiji with a flower-mala and a shawl.

On this holy occasion of Omkarananda Jayanti, Shri Swami Vishveshwaranandaji
was offering a flower-mala to the Honourable District Magistrate, District Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, Shri V. Shanmugam, and honoured him with a shawl.

The President of Karttikeya Ashram, Rishikesh, Shri Swami Rakeshananda Saraswati,
offered a beautiful flower-mala to Shri Swami Vishveshwarananda Saraswati.

The cultural Function in Honour of Gurudev Shri Paramahamsa Omkarananda Saraswati
was concluded with the Omkarananda Arati performed by the Chief-Priest
of Omkarananda Ashram Himalayas, Shri Suresh Panditji.

The honourable District Magistrate of Tehri Garhwal, Shri V. Shanmugam,
also took part in the Omkarananda Arati.

Shri Swami Vishveshwarananda, Kumari Somashekhari and the Omkarananda Ashram Priests, joyously shower flowers on Paramahamasa Omkarananda Saraswati.

All Ashramites, Gurukul Students, Priests, Devotees and Guests were invited to take part
in a tasty and healthy Bhandara in the Headquarters of Omkarananda Ashram Himalayas.

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