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Paramahamsa Omkarananda Saraswati


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Kala-Bhairava Ashtami Celebration
in Omkarananda Ashram Himalayas,
on 19th November 2019

There is a beautiful Mahakala-Bhairava Mandir in the Headquarters of Omkarananda Ashram Himalayas, which is situated a bit above all other Ashram Temples, on a hill-slope.
Mahakala-Bhairava is the "Kshetrapala", the Divine "Watchman", who overlooks and
protects the whole area, including the other Temples. Mahakala-Bhairava is also
the Lord of time. He reminds us to use our time on earth wisely and in a divine manner
and not to waste it. We should use the time in such a way, that we can finally transcend
all time and space limitations and consciously experience the 4th State, "Turiya",
in which there is no death and no sorrow, but an indescribable infinite Peace and Bliss.
By the Grace of the spiritual Guru, the Grace of Lord Mahakala-Bhairava and other Divinities,
it is possible to attain this grand and final aim of human evolution.

On 18th November 2019, the day before Kala-Bhairava Ashtami, a special Altar,
a Hawana-Kunda and a big Yantra had been established by the Priests of
Omkarananda Ashram Himalayas in front of the Garbha Griha, the Sanctum Sanctorum
of Lord Mahakala-Bhairava. In the night a powerful Yajna was conducted.

Pujas were performed at the special Altar, decorated with photos of H.D. Shri
Paramahamsa Omkarananda Saraswati and Sant Prabhuji, the Utsava Murti of
Mahakala-Bhairava, a lovely Ganesha Murti and gold-plated masks
of Yogeshwara and Yogeshwari.

The Mantra Chanting by the Priests, the divine Flames of the Yajna and
the wonderful fragrance of the herbs, which were offered during this Homa,
charged the already holy surroundings with even more spiritual power.

Special Kala-Bhairava Arati.

On 19th November 2019, the Main Day for the Kala-Bhairava Ashtami Celebrations,
the Priests of Omkarananda Ashram Himalayas conducted an extensive Yajna
in front of the Garbha Griha of Shri Mahakala-Bhairava. From left to right:
Shri Sanjay Panditji, Shri Mukesh Panditji and Shri Suresh Panditji, the Chief-Priest.

Purnahuti by the Chief-Priest, Suresh Panditji.

Karpura Arati is offered to the special Swarna Akarshana Bhairava Yantra,
which consists of 108 small earthen Kalashas, filled with Ganges water, fresh flower petals
and rice corns. This Yantra, which is dear to Lord Mahakala-Bhairava, had been charged
by the Priests of Omkarananda Ashram with special Mantras and Prayers.
The Swarna Akarshana Bhairava Yantra brings good luck and attracts prosperity.
With the holy content of these small Kalashas (Ganges water, flowers, etc.,
charged with Mantra Power), Abhisheka will be done for Lord Mahakala-Bhairava.

A Kalasha Yatra took place around the Mahakala-Bhairava Mandir, lead by
Kumari Somashekhari, carrying the mask of Yogeshwara, followed by the Ashram Priests.

Shri Sanjay Panditji blesses all, before the Kalashas are carried into the Shrine,
and Abhisheka for Lord Mahakala-Bhairava will be performed.

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