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Swami Omkarananda


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Your Soul Is Independent of Your Body and Limitations

In dream-state your soul is in a totally different world. In that state the waking world is unreal. You do not know that there is another world outside your dream. The sun in your dream is not the same sun that shines in waking-state. It is an individual sun that is real for you only as long as you dream. The moment you enter the deep-sleep state, you forget the dream. You do not even remember that something called dreaming or waking exists.

Supposing it was possible for someone to visit you in deep-sleep and to tell you about the world, about the mountains and seas, people and animals, you would just laugh at him and think he was crazy. In deep-sleep you do not know anything of the world or of waking and dreaming. You are totally cut off from these two alternate states. In the same manner as the soul passes from the waking- to the dream-state and from there sinks into deep-sleep, and in the same way as you walk from one room to another, the soul travels from one body to the next.

The soul is completely independent of the body. But man, living in ignorance and entangled in thousands of sense impressions, feelings, thoughts and activities, identifies himself with the body, takes it to be the sole reality and loses himself in it. It is impossible for him to imagine that he is different from the body, and that he can leave this body and live a separate life in another body.

What happens to the soul, when you meditate on the Divine? Instead of proceeding into a dream world, or another body, the soul withdraws into the Witness within you. It dwells in this observing Principle, that witnesses your thoughts and feelings, your life, all that happens inside and outside. Time and space disappear; it is a timeless, spaceless world that you experience. All is filled with a boundless, unborn light, the light of the transcendental Consciousness; nothing is there apart from this light. It alone is everything. From this state, when you watch the space-time universe, billions of years look like a few hours. Seeing the sun you may think: 'Ah, I have kindled this light just a few minutes ago.' It is your inner nature, your inner being that speaks thus, because this inner being - Truth or God - is boundless light. All the stars are but tiny, little, insignificant candle flames when compared to this Light. What sense would there be in lighting a candle in broad sunshine in order to see more?

All the suns in the universe derive their light from this Light, that is within and without - everywhere. Without this divine Light there is no light, neither in this nor in any other world. It is the Light of lights. And this Light is there in you, in me, in everyone. It is an eternal light, a timeless light. A small contact with this Light is enough to transport you into a completely different world. It is from here that true spiritual life starts. When your soul leaves behind time and space, thoughts and feelings, 'I' and 'you', and retires into the inner Witness, there starts your true, spiritual, divine life. From there you see the world with the eyes of the Immortal, the Eternal, the Infinite. Only then do you see the world as it is; otherwise you are caught up in illusions and are a problem to yourself and to others. All systems of philosophy and science, all schools of thought, that are based on an outer space-time world and its perceptions, are misleading and soon disappear. They help very little and do great damage.

True science starts where knowledge flows directly from the eternal, deathless, ever changeless Truth. The light of Truth is omnipresent; you cannot flee from it. It is inside and outside your body. It does not know such a thing as 'inside' or 'outside'. These are your illusions, your states of consciousness, characterising and natural for your condition. Since you have a body, sense organs, thoughts and feelings, there is an inner and an outer world for you.

You have to touch the Light in your soul, in the centre of your being. Here, true divine life starts; a pure life, beyond thoughts and feelings. You have to dwell in this Light and then start your spiritual exercises. If in such a state thoughts and feelings are employed, it is the Light itself that employs them, in order to function in this space-time world. In this state there is no ignorance, no sin, there are no misleading thoughts and feelings. Life is in tune with God's heart, God's peace, God's wisdom, God's perfection, God's joy, God's life. Such a divine life is eternal. It does not know anxiety, disease or death. In truth you are the boundless, unlimited light of consciousness. You are not man or woman, young or old, but the source of endless joy, the infinite light. And as this light you should live!

- Swami Omkarananda


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