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Swami Omkarananda


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Life, a Song Divine

Our inner spiritual experience discloses to us the grand truth that life is a fine manifestation of infinite delight. Life as created by God is rich in its content of joy, peace, harmony and perfection. Wherever life is present, active, manifest, there all the infinite perfection and power of the Divinity is also operative. Life is a grand song of endless peace and consciousness. It is an enstagement of the ecstasy of the Infinite, it is a presentment of the Godhead to Himself.

Therefore, life everywhere, at all times, in all situations is all-perfect. It is all-knowing, all-beautiful, all-magical. It is something indescribable and ineffable in its beauty. It is the throb of the timeless Consciousness. It is the smile of an all-delightful Consciousness Divine. It is a marvel within a marvel. It is a power within a power. It is deathless, and infinite, unlimited, unconditioned, all-sweet, all-creative, and all-seeing, self-conscious. It is all- conscious. And it is itself a sea, an ocean, a sky, a vastness of nectar.

Therefore, life as God has presented it to Himself, as God is living, as God is expressing, is unquestionably all-perfect, all-luminous.

God with His thousand hearts has installed Himself in your heart ('thousand' here represents innumerable and infinite). And He has the absolute knowledge that He is in all of you. And He is securely and safely reposed in infinite poise and peace though He is endlessly, restlessly active, not only through you but through all the universal systems. He has suffused His creation with all the wonders of His substance and His creative consciousness. At every point of manifestation and creation He has put His own omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence.

This is in short the truth of our inner spiritual experience. This is being constantly demonstrated to us in our everyday lives. This has liberated us into timelessness, spacelessness. This is the secret of our immortality, our deathless joy, our unlimited peace.

- Swami Omkarananda


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