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Swami Omkarananda


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Let your Heart Talk to God

It is not enough merely to think of the Divine. You have to root yourself in the Infinite and grow one with the Infinite. How can you achieve this? While you think of God and feel His presence all around you, start a dialogue with Him. Let your soul find its own method of serving God in this contemplative state. Smile at Him, talk to Him, let Him talk to you. Serve Him and let Him pour out all His grace upon you. This is the way, by which you can bind yourself to God and Him to you. If you continue this kind of exercise for a long time, you will consciously grow one with God and all His perfections.

The purpose of regular meditation continued over a long time is to let God's entire light, grace, beauty, love and blessings sink into you. If you dip a sponge into water, it takes a certain time to get saturated. Similarly the mind takes a certain time to become used to the environment of God's presence and to open itself to His blessings and grace. As long as the divine grace has not taken full possession of you, your life cannot be free from error.

Ask God to substitute your will with His will, your mind with His mind, your heart with His heart, then your life will become a song of blessedness, and everything necessary will be provided to you by God's own hands.

You do not know what is good, what is right and what is necessary or unnecessary. Your ego is strong and cheats you. Therefore it is better to depend on God and develop more humility, love, self-surrender and patience. Let your whole being shine with the grace, freedom, love and light of the Divine.

- Swami Omkarananda


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