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Swami Omkarananda


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All Are in You, You Are in All

Withdraw your entire consciousness within and watch the observer in you, who witnesses your thoughts and feelings. This observer does not know greed or envy. He witnesses your envy, the envy in your mind. But he himself is never envious. He witnesses your sleep, but he himself never sleeps. He witnesses your dreams, but he is never involved in the dream phenomena. He is always pure. He witnesses your misery, your ailments, but he never suffers. He is the central witness in us, the Divine Mother. She is the seer. She is the infinite Consciousness and in Her are we perfect. We do not chase sense objects. We ask for no sense pleasures. We do not know envy or jealousy.

Look here: If I am in all and in everything, how am I to be envious of myself? Or hate myself? Hatred vanishes. Envy vanishes. I witness myself, my own soul and life in the souls and lives of all fellow beings. All are in me, and I am in all! As what? Not as an ego, a tiny limited being, but as absolute light, absolute consciousness. I need nothing, I am a Sannyasin. I have everything. Why should I chase pleasures and become a slave of temptations, when I myself am boundless, all-independent joy? I cannot sell this fantastic, timeless, spaceless joy for some cheap, fleeting enjoyment!

The best way to speedily overcome anger, jealousy, envy, greed, lust and the like is reflection on this; to withdraw oneself into this inner, absolute perfection. Again and again wake up and perceive this inner absolute perfection, this witness within you. Reside there. Dwell there. Do not ask for any joy other than this timeless joy that is there in the Soul of your soul, and which you enjoy unconsciously in deep-sleep state, or in the mystic state fully conscious in waking-state.

Jealousy, envy, anger, all disappear once - suddenly - and purity grows. At this stage the true spiritual life, divine life begins. Never hate anybody, never envy anyone. All are there in you, and you are there in each of them. All are God and God is in everyone. God dwells in you as your own Self! Withdraw your consciousness from the sense objects, from the sensory world, from time and space. Close your eyes and concentrate on this observer in you. There is timeless, spaceless peace, joy and light within you! You need nothing of this entire universe for your perfection. All temptations vanish. One grows pure. Every time something provokes a human characteristic, one wakes up, withdraws one's consciousness and experiences one's own Self everywhere, in everyone and everything, as absolute perfection. One is freed from human nature, from the nature of mind and attains the nature of the Divine Mother, becomes the Divine Mother.

- Swami Omkarananda


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