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Swami Omkarananda


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Be a Baby of the Divine

Try to increase your devotion to the Divine, your attachment to the Divine, your knowledge of the Divine, your hold on the Divine, and you will be a vessel of the Truth, a bearer of the Divine, an embodiment of everlasting and true goodness. No blessing can be greater than that.

Let the Divine operate in your life in the form of many blessings, and all will be done for you by the hand of the Divine, the wisdom of the Divine, the will of the Divine. A paradise will be created around you, you have not to have a thought at all, automatically everything will be worked for you, arranged for you, acquired for you. Increase your deep attachment to the Divine.

What is the duty of a baby? No duty, at best it only kicks the chest of the mother, that is its work. And for that, it gets everything it wants, it only has to say 'Mummy', or cry a little, and everything it gets.

So, be a baby of the Divine, let yourself be bemothered by the Divine, and you have to do nothing, only to say 'Mummy', which is the mantra. All else shall be added unto you.

- Swami Omkarananda


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