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Paramahamsa Omkarananda Saraswati


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The Hundred Blessings of Cheerfulness

Health, Happiness, Success, and Moral and
Spiritual Development through Cheerfulness

Health Value of Cheerfulness

Cheerfulness energizes, strengthens and tranquillizes the nervous system. It contributes to better circulation of blood, increases vitality and lengthens the span of life. Cheerfulness not only grants better health, but also makes one physically attractive and magnetic. Therefore, be always cheerful.

Moral Value of Cheerfulness

Cheerfulness engenders a number of moral qualities in daily conduct of our life. A cheerful person has an understanding, forgiving, loving, nature. He shows more power of endurance and tolerance than others. Therefore, in all circumstances of life, remain cheerful.

Economic Value of Cheerfulness

Cheerfulness helps you execute your work with less fatigue and more confidence. You turn out more work, and more efficiently, than your most industrious but cheerless companion. The earnings improve, and you can look forward to promotion to a higher office. Therefore, be always cheerful.

Mental Value of Cheerfulness

Cheerfulness brightens the mind, renders the intelligence luminous and adds a sparkle to the eye. For this reason, remain cheerful always.

Social Value of Cheerfulness

We feel happy, hopeful, encouraged and bright in the presence of a cheerful person. A cheerful person has a pleasing and graceful behaviour and everybody likes to associate oneself with him.

Cheerfulness is a social asset. It is contagious and without it, life would be a boredom and a burden. A cheerful person is welcome everywhere, and makes many friends. At the very first sight he endears himself to all strangers.

The dignity of a person consists in his capacity to hold permanently in control the mood of the moment and to express cheerfulness.

As the leaves breathe in, during the day, the poisonous carbondioxide, and breathe out the life-saving oxygen, a cheerful person takes in all the difficulties of life, and transmutes them into the strength that conquers, the peace that triumphs, and breathes out through his eyes and personality the life-warming sunshine of happiness and smiles.

Spiritual Value of Cheerfulness

A cheerful person takes a happy heart into meditation or prayer, and comes back with the sunshine and smiles of the highest divine Consciousness. Such a person has the faith that the Divine, with whom he is in communion, by meditation and constant remembrance, will clear all difficulties, and help overcome all trials of life. Such a person is happy in the thought that however great be the problems, they are too fleeting to deserve much attention.

The cheerfulness of the inner heart, increases the Love for the divine Truth, and promotes self-surrender to the infinite Wisdom and Peace. Cheerfulness aids concentrations and grants a deeper and more fruitful meditation.

God is Delight. And, cheerfulness is a grand help to God-Experience.

If for nothing, at least for its therapeutic, social and spiritual value and effects, one should remain cheerful in all conditions of life. Such a state of inner being, grants unusual, moral, mental and spiritual strength. Hundred are the blessings of the cheerfulness you manifest in daily life.


Smile, smile all the time. Smile in Love. Smile in Patience. Smile in Knowledge. Smile in Goodness. Smile in self-control and perseverance. Smile where smiles are impossible for human hearts. Smile at all times, in all circumstances; smile in the broad all-fulfilling, all-calm, all-conquering Love and Light of the Experience of God's Omnipresence and Omnipotence.

- Swami Omkarananda



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