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Paramahamsa Omkarananda Saraswati


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Twelve Pearls of Divine Wisdom

1. There is God in your eyes, - let Him shine more brilliantly, each day! There is God in your Heart, - kindly keep it brighter than ever, each minute! There is Faith and Wisdom and Divine Perfection in your Soul, - kindly manifest them more fully, each second!

2. Heighten your Purity! Deepen your Wisdom! Sweeten your Sweetness! Expand your Consciousness! Adore the all-seeing Divinity by whatever you think, see, feel, do, are and have! While all the world talks of error, weakness, wrong, suffering, let all your life illustrate unlimited Wisdom, Power, Truth, Joy! The Godhead in you is all-perfect and an ocean of powers, energies, forces, beauty, peace! Realize it and express it! Live in it! Be it!

3. The Divine Consciousness within you is the seat and centre of endless powers, peace, perfection. I trust you will always work hard, use and develop more your abilities, become great, be a source of inspiration, strength, undying love, unfailing wisdom to the heart of all humanity.

4. When all your being is always rooted in the ecstatic consciousness in the omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient Being within you, when all your consciousness is, at all times, absorbed in the miracle-working, all-creative, all-sustaining Light of the infinite Godhead, anxieties and doubts have absolutely no place in your life, illness and disease cannot affect you, sin is nowhere seen, evil is nowhere found, disharmony has no existence, the outer influences of the world perish. When these negative factors seek to come close to you, meditation will be the normal state of your being, all the world will disclose to you only God, all experiences will yield you only God-experience.

5. Conscious of the Omnipresence of the Divine, you can experience Him here, there, everywhere, in all places and situations. Whatever may be the small difficulties upon your path, the strength, the power, the joy, the grace that come to you from your God-Consciousness are infinite, unlimited, inexhaustible.

6. Your whole being will throb with divine Consciousness: and you would be in a position to manifest endless strength, energy, fearlessness, inner joy. Kindly charge each cell of your being with God's Omnipotence, and make for yourself a Heaven wherever you move and are.

7. By continuous and intensive Consciousness of the omnipresent omnipotent and omniscient Divinity, make your blessed, hardworking life full of divine strength, peace, joy, beauty and divine perfection! May the divine Grace descend upon you more and more abundantly!

8. Your religion is the religion of immediate, intimate, dynamic, many-sided God-experience. Your Prophet, your Saviour, your Teacher, is the boundless Love in your Heart, the illimitable Light in your Consciousness, the Faith in your Soul. Your Mission on earth is to express in daily life the Qualities, the Character, the Nature of the all-beautiful, all-peaceful, all-powerful, all-sweet, all-luminous, all-pure, immortal, indestructible Godhead of absolute Knowledge, Delight, Perfection.

9. Constantly generate in yourself a powerful experience of Godhead! May the divine Grace descend upon you more and more abundantly, and grant you radiant health, strength, peace, prosperity and high divine realization! Always live in an intensive awareness of His Love, Light, Presence, and walk on earth as a blessing, a power, a grace, a joy, a peace, a light.

10. Let hundreds of beneficent powers flow unto all humanity through your dynamic inner divine Life. Teach us by your Life! Teach us by the very Spirit and presence of your being! Teach us by your thoughts! Teach us by your feelings! This is your God-given mission in this world of limitations and unhappiness. Lead us to life-transforming Wisdom! Lead us into an immediate experience of the all-healing Presence of the all-merciful, all-knowing Godhead! With the Light of God-Consciousness in your blessed eyes, with the Love of the all-merciful and all-knowing Godhead in your hearts, with the Perfection of the Godhead in your lives, may you move amidst us! A blessing in yourselves, may you be a blessing to all Humanity. An inspiration, joy and beauty in yourselves, may you be a source of inspiration and joy to thousands!

11. Let all thy being be one vast, infinite, all-seeing and all-beautiful Light. Let each cell of thy being bear the infinite power of your infinite divine Experience. Nothing is needed: you have all that must grant you 'immediately' this destiny! Unfold the spiritual capacities of the higher Consciousness in your inner being.

12. The whole of your psychology is being altered. The substances of the conscious and the subconscious in you, are being rendered into the terms of the superconscious. A thousand angels will arise from your blessed heart. To the all-merciful Heart of the all-knowing Godhead, you are most beloved, and may we always find you to be a joy, a peace, an inspiration, a power in yourself, and may joy, peace, inspiration and strength flow from you to others. Let all thy inner mind and being be full of divine Light of the Infinite.

- Swami Omkarananda


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